Custom-made productions

Macma is your ideal partner for the creation of custom-made promotional items in the Far East.
You will find support from a young dynamic team, with fluency in English and long-time experience in the sector, that will give you the competitive edge with efficient and affordable customized productions.
When requesting custom-made items, you can refer to the products in our catalogue, as well as items outside our product range, there are no limits to finding you the right item.
To process your requests as fast and correctly as possible, we ask you to provide us with as much information as you can; e.g. desired material, exact dimensions, packaging, expected delivery dates, etc.
As one of our rules, you will receive an offer tailored to your requests within 48 hours, including a realistic lead time. Of course, we take care of the logistical and import matters, and would gladly store the goods for you for your desired time.
We will be pleased to receive your enquiries, please reach us at or +49 (0) 911 98181383.